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Honor’s Zero Fee Credit Card Processing solution offers businesses of all sizes the ability to waive their monthly processing fees and increase their annual income by THOUSANDS!


When you choose Honor, your business can permanently rid itself of payment processing fees.  On average, Honor saves business owners over $20,000 per year!

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I paid credit card fees every month for 34 years until I started working with Honor.  I think it’s amazing and couldn’t be happier . . . they even discovered I was being charged for two credit card terminals by my former company!

Dave / A & W Firestone

I cannot thank Honor enough for its unmatched customer service and unbeatable pricing.  They made the switch quick and simple and now I am saving thousands every month!

Leslie / The Sea Store

As a business owner, I integrated the Honor Cash Discount Program a few months ago and the savings have been phenomenal.  It has amounted to a few thousand in savings which will continue to grow.  And, with that money, I will use it to continue to expand my business!

Dominic's Pizza